Failed To Launch


#3 Burnout Paradise

27th August 2019

P++, Laravel 6, Inertia.js, Burnout and Developer access to servers...

We didn't give up yet... (although it's a touch later than we'd like!) - but here's episode 3, including topics such as:

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Links are in the topic bullet points above!

Takes 1 hour 6 minutes 35 seconds to listen to.

#2 Yay we didn't fail!

28th July 2019

How we launched, Laravel Vapor rumours, Valet, Valet Plus and Docker, and more VSCode...

In our second show, we talk a little about our journey to launch before getting on to the juicy tech stuff such as:

  • Our trials and tribulations of actually launching a podcast
  • Some bits about how we made our FTL site
  • Laravel Vapor rumours before Laracon US
  • Valet, Valet Plus and Docker for local development
  • More VSCode (sorry!) including Chris' plugins for the show

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Show notes:

Chris’ plugins for the show

PHPUnit Test Explorer for Visual Studio Code

Other useful links

Wavesurfer.js Audio Player

Laracon US

Laravel Vapor (spoiler: it's out now and we guessed right...)

Valet for Mac

Valet Plus for Mac

Takes 58 minutes 9 seconds to listen to.

#1 Have we failed yet?

6th July 2019

VS Code in the browser, IDE Plugins, iPad Pros, JetBrains, Laravel and tmpfs…

In our first ever show, we talk a little about ourselves, why we’re called Failed To Launch, before getting on to the juicy tech stuff such as:

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Show notes:

Chris’ Visual Studio Code Plugins

Intelephpense - personally the best intelligence for PHP

PHP file types - add some useful right click menu items for creating certain PHP files

Better PHPUnit - gives a easy way to run tests in the correct context of your cursor

Chris’ PhpStorm Plugins

Deep-assoc-completion - gives some really nice completion for array keys and other objects

Laravel - gives nice completion and click through for views and routes

Stastistic - to get some interesting stats about your projects

Joel's tmpfs RAM disk

mkdir /mnt/ramdisk
mount -t tmpfs -o size=200M tmpfs /mnt/ramdisk

Et voila - /mnt/ramdisk is now running from your RAM, and you can tweak how big it is via the size value

Takes 1 hour 9 minutes 36 seconds to listen to.


Chris Normansell

Chris Normansell

Chris is from the West Midlands (UK) and is a Laravel and PHP developer at DRPG since 2015

He spends most of his time tinkering with Laravel, React, Tailwind and many other frameworks, tech and tools.

Chris' claim to fame is once meeting Taylor Otwell himself at Laracon in New York.

Joel Stanford

Joel Stanford

Joel is originally from Kent but now resides in Worcestershire (UK), and is a DevOps engineer at DRPG since 2015, but was also a PHP developer before that.

He usually spends all his time just cd-ing and ls-ing around in a terminal (according to work colleagues).

Joel also loves travelling and has lived in many places in the UK, but one of his most favourite places is California and Orlando (or the worldwide theme park capitals!).